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 Fall National Official Race Format - Dome Valley Nov. 14-17 
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FSA Fall Nationals at Dome Valley Raceway Nov. 14-17

Registration will be open at 8:00am each day at the FSA trailer. If you are racing on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday we ask that you register for your class the prior day in order for us to build the classes and to avoid any delays starting the event on race day. Riders will be required to sign a waiver for test and tune and registering at the same time will avoid having to repeat the process. Wrist bands will be issued for both bike and rider. Please review the rules pertaining to your class under the FSA official classes and please remember there is a 4 bike minimum on the classes. If your class does not have enough bikes you may bump up to the next class.

Thursday - November 14th

Drivers meeting at 9:45.
Test and Tune 10:00am - 10:00pm $25.00 per bike.

Friday - November 15th

Drivers meeting at 9:45.
Test and Tune at 10:00am - approx. 5:00pm $25.00 per bike.

Index Racing - $50.00 entry, 70% payback split 70% to 1st place and 30% to 2nd place. (4 bike minimum for index racing)

1) 3.40-3.59
2) 3.60-3.79
3) 3.80-3.99
4) 4.00-4.19
5) 4.20-4.39
6) 4.40-4.59
7) 4.60-open

8) Open Bracket Race with sportsman tree - $50.00 entry, $1,500 1st place, $500 2nd place with a minimum of 40 entries.

Saturday - November 16th

Drivers meeting at 9:45.
Limited Heads Up races start at 10:00am.

Limited Heads Up classes - $80.00 with 70% payback split 70% to 1st place and 30% to second place. (See rules for Limited Heads up racing in official FSA general rule thread)

Limited Heads Up OEM Frame 4 Stroke

4 Stroke OEM Frame
Class 1) Stock Bore Limited, (OEM 450 base chassis)
Class 2) 0 - 505cc Limited, (OEM 450 base chassis)
Class 3) 506 - 550cc Limited, (OEM 450 base chassis)
Class 4) 551 - 650cc Limited, (OEM 450 base chassis)

Limited SxS $60.00
Class 33)Limited SxS OEM
Class 34)Limited SxS Xtreme OEM

4 Stroke OEM Frame
Class 6) Stock Bore Limited, (OEM 650 base chassis)
Class 7) 0 - 770cc Limited, (OEM 650 base chassis)
Class 8) 771 - 850cc Limited, (OEM 650 base chassis)
Class 9) 851 - 1000cc Limited, (OEM 650 base chassis)

Sportsman 4 Stroke OEM Frame $25.00
Class 41) Sportsman Duners (entry level dune, MX, trail bikes)
Class 42) Sportsman Pro (drag bikes with 180+ lb. owner/rider)

Limited Heads Up Drag Frame 2 & 4 Stroke

* Open frame allowed for following classes

Single Cylinder
Class 13) 0-380cc Limited
Class 14) 381-450cc Limited
Class 11) Limited Drag Chassis, (any frame, 2 or 4 stroke)

Twin Cylinder
Class 15) 0-425cc Limited
Class 16) 0-525cc Limited
Class 17) 0-650cc Limited
Class 18) 0-775cc Limited
Class 19) 0-900cc Spread Bore Limited
Class 20) 0pen cc Spread Bore Limited

Triple Cylinder
Class 21) 0-1325cc Limited Non Spread Bore
Class 22) 0-1325cc triple/twin CVT Limited
Class 23) Open cc & CVT Limited

Four Cylinder
Class 24) Open cc Limited

Sunday - November 17th

Drivers meeting at 9:45.
Unlimited Heads Up races start at 10:00am.

Unlimited Heads Up classes - $100.00 with 70% payback 70/30 cost split to 1st and 2nd. (See rules for Unlimited Heads Up racing in official FSA general rule thread)

Youth Classes $25.00

Class 38) 4-8 Years old Limited to a 10.0 second E.T.
Class 39) 9-12 Years old Limited to a 5.5 second E.T.
Class 40) 13-15 Years old Limited to a 4.0 second E.T.

Unlimited Heads Up 2 & 4 Stroke

Single Cylinder
Class 5) 0 - 650cc Unlimited, (OEM 450 base chassis)
Class 10) 0 - 1000cc Unlimited, (OEM 650 base chassis)
Class 12) Unlimited Drag Chassis, (any frame, 2 or 4 stroke)

Unlimited SxS $60.00
Class 35)Unlimited SxS OEM Power Adder
Class 36)Unlimited SxS Xtreme OEM Power Adder
Class 37)Unlimited SxS Class

Twin Cylinder
Class 25) 0-650 Unlimited
Class 26) 0-775 Unlimited
Class 27) 0-825 Unlimited
Class 28) Open cc & Spread Bore Unlimited

Triple Cylinder
Class 29) 0-1325 Unlimited Non Spread Bore
Class 30) 0-1325 triple/twin CVT Unlimited
Class 31) Open cc & CVT Unlimited

Four Cylinder
Class 32) Open cc Unlimited

FSA Motorsports - (559) 647-8347

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Sun Aug 23, 2015 2:29 pm

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Sun Aug 23, 2015 2:37 pm
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