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 Official Results Dumont November 10, 2012 
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"Rumble to the Summit" Official Results November 10, 2012


Under 650 "Sportsman" 0 - 505cc Class
1st - N/A

Over 650cc "Sportsman" 650 - 735cc Class
1st - N/A

Under 650 "Sportsman" Duner Class
1st - Bruce Keeton - MMAD/Grim Reaper/Street 2 Sand YFZ 450 #64
2nd - Chris Montague - LTR 450 #263

Over 650 "Sportsman" Duner Class
1st - N/A

Under 650 "Sportsman" Sumo Class
1st - Don Schneck - TRX 450 Lost Boys #188
2nd - Sam Grelnsteln - YFZ 450 #324

Over 650 "Sportsman" Sumo Class
1st - N/A

Under 650 "Sportsman" Shooters Class
1st - Clayson Hale - Hansen Performance TRX 450 #609
2nd - Sergio Martin - Demon Performance TRX 450 #63

Over 650 "Sportsman" Shooters Class
1st - N/A

Under 650 "Sportsman" Pro Class
1st - Brayden Hale - Hansen Performance/MMAD YFZ 450 #151
2nd - Moises Renteria - Lost Boys Racing TRX 450 #21

Over 650 "Sportsman" Pro Class
1st - McKabe Peterson - Hansen Performance 700 Raptor #13
2nd - Brindley Hansen - Hansen Performance 700 Raptor #14

Unlimited/Chassis Class
1st - Steven Peterson - Extreme Performance


Under 650 "Pro" 0 - 505cc Class
1st - Al Mcfall - MMAD YFZ 450 #70
2nd - David Palacios - MMAD YFZ #831

Over 650 "Pro" 0 - 770cc Class
1st - Mark Sasselli - MMAD 700 Raptor #5

Under 650 "Pro" Builders Class
1st - Matthew Sasselli - MMAD YFZ 450 #6
2nd - Mark Sasselli - SPARKS TRX 450 #3

Over 650 "Pro" Builders Class
1st - Michael Sasselli - SPARKS 700 Raptor #1 BM
2nd - Jose Preciado - Cuervo 700 Raptor #68

Under 650 "Pro" Stock Bore/Stroke Class
1st - Al McFall - MMAD YFZ 450 #70
2nd - David Palacios - MMAD YFZ 450 #831

Over 650 "Pro" Stock Bore/Stroke Class

Under 650 " Pro" Modified Class
1st - Michael Sasselli - MMAD YFZ 450 #4
2nd - Matthew Sasselli - MMAD YFZ 450 #6

Over 650 "Pro" Modified Class
1st - Michael Sasselli - SPARKS 700 Raptor #1 BM
2nd - Misty Hansen - Hansen Performance 700 Raptor #14

Under 650 "Pro" Open Class

Over 650 "Pro" Open Class
1st - Willie Peterson - Xtreme Preformance 700 Turbo Raptor
2nd - Mark Sasselli - KCT 700 Raptor #8


Limited SxS OEM N.A. 800cc Class
1st - N/A

Limited SxS OEM N.A. XP 900 Class
1st - Curtis Sparks - SPARKS Racing XP900
2nd - Jason Jester - Cuervo racing XP900

Limited SxS OEM Power Adder 800cc Class
1st - N/A

Limited SxS OEM Power Adder XP 900 Class
1st - N/A

Unlimited SxS Class
1st - N/A

Fastest MPH Class
Steven Peterson - Extreme Motorsports, 104 MPH

Small Bore Gas Champion
Matthew Sasselli - MMAD YFZ 450 #6

Big Bore Gas Champion
Michael Sasselli - SPARKS 700 Raptor #1 BM

King of the Hill
Michael Sasselli - SPARKS 700 Raptor #1 BM

Congratulations to all the winners!

Disclaimer: It is strictly prohibited by law to copy or re-publish FSA rules, classes, or results on any other website without first obtaining written consent from Four Stroke Association Inc.. It is also prohibited by law to manipulate FSA rules/classes/results in any way. If you wish to distribute a copy of the FSA rules/classes/results, simply link directly to the website or contact us through email for a printed copy.

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