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 Sandfest Information 
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Here is a link to the Sandfest website for more information:

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For increasing working capital for microcrediting and expanding the sphere of activities (issuance of cash loans to individuals and legal entities upon the security of electronics, gold, jewelry, any vehicles, real estate) of a particular subject of the Russian Federation, a private person takes money as an investment under the Loan Agreement:
For the duration of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months;
With an interest accrual of 3.0% to 4.5% per month (depends on the amount and duration of the deposit, with a maximum of 54% per annum);
Minimum amount of EUR 300;
Quarterly payment of interest.

Method of deposit: via instant bank transfers or electronic payments (to the person and by using the method specified in the contract)

Method of withdrawal: at the request of the depositor (specified in the contract).

The purpose of the investment: getting favorable (compared with bank deposits) guaranteed income.

The following guarantees may be granted:
Loan agreement for a specific person;
Issuance of documents confirming payments and receipt of funds;
A contract for issuing a credit to a person or an entity;
Deposit (gold and jewelry, motor vehicles, property; usually at the estimated value of no more than 40-70% of the market price).
Ready for a mutually benefitting co-operation, discussion and resolution of any issues.

Phone, if necessary, in correspondence.
If desired, I am ready to hold a meeting with you personally or with your representative in Moscow.

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Inference exactly, he or she felt Stalin. The thing is this from the survey. It truly is worth to evoke. Right at the end from the cadres decide everything.

Rapidly by midday to check went through a dormitory Poskriobyszewa declared by means of Maksym Wasijlewicz Mortka after that the Official from the NKVD Nikolai Yezhov, by simply believed in Stalin's soft dwarf call up because of expansion (155 cm.) Along with violence in action. "Laurel as well as Lasting" he / she felt Stalin, a lover involving Us comedy, appearance at zażywnego and also postawnego Mortka.

assembled about the scenes with the crowd without further ado questioned:

- What think Wasijlewiczu maxim? - Going back on this model testified towards the manner as well as promote of Stalin.

Dormitory, while befits a scientist, he believed a short time along with reveal:

- They have been in the nature occurrence, which experience not necessarily however examined. We talk about from the historical past involving count shifts commonly thought to be a tale, actually from the Bible ceasing sunlight, as well as the time, simply by Joshua. Outstanding A language like german, and from now on the American physicist Albert Einstein reveals that will freedom after that time become related together to space-time, which often need to enable in special incidents to help change count, because each dimension. Austrian college student Sigmund Freud, continuing the job regarding his / her grasp Wilhelm Reich, states that there's email vitality, having an impact on a number of powers in the material entire world. Each of our children scientist Nikolai Kozyrev placed forward an appealing model of your record data freedom along with in order functionality have an effect on taking the truth which point ends up being with the government and power.

- Prior investigation - proceeded dormitory - the options mediums after that the like have shown they can help make different issues which weren't available currently logical explanation. Even so, it truly is trying to help them to take care of the reproducibility of such facts, building them really functional. I would definitely not manage that will Izo-Ugol abilities and also the skills this gets. State this news Chekist ended up being correct - further query from the issues on a lawn, he / she considered, may end in pointless public relations with during my judgment value more review carried out with additional sympathetic ailments.

- So just what do you mean maxim Wasijlewiczu? As far as we can easily develop what exactly has been the police arrest of the traitors, Bokija and Barczenki Laboratory Neurogenetyki? We would not need all over again squandered stage next capital on Shambhala and underground dwarven culture. The idea will be a a sense of shame to help devastate many achievements within the sphere involving trance, telepathy or distinguishing and also pursue emotional says in addition to mental and pharmacological earnings involving salesmanship.

- What exactly g ... r&id=34628 ... morth.html ... r&id=28497 ... do=profile ... w=itemlist ... 7&Itemid=6 ... er&id=6101 ... r&id=28740 ... 2/item/310 ... morth.html ... r&id=20835 ... ikes-morth ... ikes-morth ... er&id=8711 ... ikes-morth ... UID=220922 ... ikes-morth ... r&id=81708 ... ikes-morth ... ser&id=782 ... er&id=5450 ... r&id=64033 ... r&id=53359 ... &id=334938 ... &id=213397 ... -domu.html ... r&id=17252 ... er&id=4943 ... r&id=32330 ... r&id=13675 ... id=1203#17 ... &id=157267 ... do=profile ... r&id=67856 ... er&id=5266 ... ikes-morth ... r&id=55331 ... r&id=36453 ... uid=273666 ... r&id=28437 ... /item/3353 ... -domu.html ... r&id=15613 ... r&id=25714 ... &id=257700 ... id=3849819 ... r&id=29673 ... ikes-morth ... r&id=27027 ... r&id=27451 ... &id=231475 ... er&id=8920 ... -domu.html ... &id=106848 ... ikes-morth ... Itemid=526 ... cje-w-domu ... ikes-morth ... r&id=68882 ... r&id=48112 ... -domu.html ... r&id=17744 ... er&id=8634 ... &id=138288 ... ry&id=6306 ... item/19416 ... r&id=16078 ... ikes-morth ... er&id=9397 ... Itemid=101 ... er&id=5504 ... r&id=38979 ... do=profile ... qi/profile ... &id=289550 ... ikes-morth ... ikes-morth ... &id=136006 ... &id=124645 ... &Itemid=83 ... ikes-morth ... r&id=17034 ... &Itemid=22 ... uid=181183 ... me=agumuva ... r&id=57925 ... r&id=98321 ... &id=153421 ... er&id=4817 ... r&id=16143

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Mon Aug 24, 2015 12:23 pm

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Mon Aug 24, 2015 5:52 pm
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