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 Official Results: Dumont Race #3 January 15, 2011 
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"Rumble In The Desert" Official Results January 15, 2011

Under 650 "Sportsman" 0 - 505cc Class
1st - Al Mcfall - #77
2nd - Jay Matthews - #702

Over 650cc "Sportsman" 650 - 730cc Class

Under 650 "Sportsman" Duner Class
1st - Bruce Keeton - Grim Reaper/Street 2 Sand YFZ 450 #64
2nd - Al Mcfall - #70

Over 650 "Sportsman" Duner Class
1st - Dane Bowen - 700 Raptor #778

Under 650 "Sportsman" Sumo Class

Over 650 "Sportsman" Sumo Class
1st - Tony Quinn - Racers Edge 700 Raptor #71
2nd - Don Schenck - Lost Boys Racing TRX 450R #188

Under 650 "Sportsman" Shooters Class
1st - Sergio Martin - Demon Racing/Racers Edge TRX 450 #63
2nd - Craig Iradell - KMS LTR 450 #311

Over 650 "Sportsman" Shooters Class
1st - Tyler Carroll - Box of Rox Racing/RE 700 Raptor #873
2nd - Mike Gardner - Hansen Performance 700 raptor #15

Under 650 "Sportsman" Pro Class
1st - David Chapman - Rage ATV/Pure Evil TRX 450 #96
2nd - Moises Renteria - Lost Boys TRX 450 #21

Over 650 "Sportsman" Pro Class
1st - Rob Gee - Sparks Racing 700 Raptor #105
2nd - Dennis Barriga - Cuervo Racing/HDD 700 Raptor #66

Unlimited/Chassis Class

Under 650 "Pro" Builders Class
1st - Aaron Dyer - Racers Edge TRX 450 #1 BM
2nd - Mark Sasselli - Sparks TRX 450 #3

Over 650 "Pro" Builders Class
1st - Guy Thibideaux - OMW Racing DS 650 #916
2nd - Dennis Barriga - Cuervo Racing 700 Raptor #66

Under 650 "Pro" Stock Bore/Stroke Class
1st - Michael Sasselli - Sparks Racing TRX 450 #6

Over 650 "Pro" Stock Bore/Stroke Class
1st - Daniel Loveridge - HDD/Cuervo Racing 700 Raptor #951
2nd - Josh Dyer - Racers Edge 700 Raptor #1 SB

Under 650 " Pro" Modified Class
1st - Aaron Dyer - Racers Edge TRX 450 #1 PA
2nd - Mark Sasselli - Sparks Racing TRX 450 #3

Over 650 "Pro" Modified Class
1st - Guy Thibideaux - OMW Racing DS 650 #916
2nd - Mark Sasselli - Sparks Racing 660 Raptor #1 Pro

Under 650 "Pro" Open Class
1st - Mark Sasselli - Sparks Racing TRX 450 #3
2nd - Aaron Dyer - Racers Edge TRX 450 #1 PA

Over 650 "Pro" Open Class
1st - Taylor Dribben - OMW Racing DS 650 #74
2nd - Brindley Hansen - Hansen Performance 700 Raptor #14

Small Bore Gas Champion
Aaron Dyer - Racers Edge TRX 450 #1 BM

Big Bore Gas Champion
Guy Thibideaux - OMW Racing DS 650 #916

King Of The Hill
Taylor Dribben - OMW Racing DS 650 #74

Congratulations to all the winners!!!!

Tue Jan 18, 2011 10:37 am
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Похожие сообщения :
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