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 Dumont October 10th, 2009 - Race #2 Official Results 
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"Rumble to the Peak" Official Results October 10, 2009

Kids Class 4 - 7 years

Kids Class 8 - 11 years

Kids Class 12 - 15 years
1st - 1st- Sean Henderson, LTZ 400

Under 650 "Sportsman" Stock bore/stroke Class

Over 650cc "Sportsman" Stock bore/stroke Class

Under 650 "Pro" Builders Class
1st - Bobby Morales, Racers Edge TRX 450 #1 BM
2nd - Mark Sasselli - Sparks TRX 450 #3

Over 650 "Pro" Builders Class
1st - Michael Sasselli - Sparks Racing 700 Raptor #1 M
2nd - Matthew Sasselli, Sparks Racing 660 Raptor #1 PA

Under 650 "Sportsman" Duner Class
1st - Bruce Keeton, Grim Reaper/Street 2 Sand YFZ 450 #64

Over 650 "Sportsman" Duner Class

Under 650 "Pro" Stock Bore/Stroke Class
1st - Bobby Morales, Racers Edge TRX 450 #1 SB
2nd - Brad McIntire, Wide Open Motorsports YFZ 450 #272

Over 650 "Pro" Stock Bore/Stroke Class
1st - Mark Sasselli, Sparks Racing 700 Raptor #5
2nd - Bobby Morales, Racers Edge 700 Raptor #1 SBB

Sumo Class
1st - Mario Gallo, No Mercy Racing DS 650 #65
2nd - Brandon Walker, Wide Open Motorsports Trx 450 #27

Under 650 " Pro" Modified Class
1st - Garrett Torres, FCI/MMAD YFZ 450 #77
2nd - Aaron Dyer, Racers Edge Trx 450 #221

Over 650 "Pro" Modified Class
1st - Michael Sasselli, Sparks Racing 700 Raptor #1 M
2nd - Aaron Dyer, Racers Edge 700 Raptor #907

Under 650 "Sportsman" Shooters Class
1st - Bruce Keeton, Grim Reaper/ Steet to Sand YFZ 450 #146
2nd - Mark Montoya, Kenz Cycle Tech YFZ 450 #517

Over 650 "Sportsman" Shooters Class
1st - Mike Askins, Kenz Cycle Tech 700 Raptor #26
2nd - Daniel Loveridge, High Desert Dyno/Cuerro Racing 700 Raptor #92

Under 650 "Pro" Open Class
1st - Aaron Dyer, Racers Edge TRX 450 #221
2nd - Mark Doty, MAD Racing YFZ 450 #135

Over 650 "Pro" Open Class
1st - Michael Sasselli, Sparks Racing 700 Raptor #1 M
2nd - Mark Sasselli, Sparks Racing 700 Raptor #5

Under 650 "Sportsman" Pro Class
1st - David Chapman, Rage ATV/Pure Evil TRX 450 #96
2nd - Brandon Walker, Wide Open Motorsports TRX 450 #27

Over 650 "Sportsman" Pro Class
1st - Mario Gallo, No Mercy Racing DS 650 #65
2nd - Mike Askin, Kenz Cycle Tech 700 Raptor #26

Unlimited/Chassis Class

Small Bore Gas Champion
Bobby Morales, Racers Edge TRX 450 #1 BM

Big Bore Gas Champion
Michael Sasselli, Sparks Racing 700 Raptor #1 M

King Of The Hill
Bobby Morales, Racers Edge TRX 450 #1 BM

Congratulations to all the winners!!!!

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Mon Oct 12, 2009 7:22 am
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thanks for the results.

loser make excuses, winners make it happen!

Mon Oct 12, 2009 7:45 am
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got to get there , good work everyone !


Mon Oct 12, 2009 5:15 pm

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Big thanks to Tom, Melanie and their kids and all those that helped them, make it a fun day.

Big thanks to Kenz Cycle Tech for making my bike run very well!

Also like to Thank Daniel from OI

Kenz Cycle Tech

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Mon Oct 12, 2009 10:24 pm
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Congratulations Mark, great job. I wish I could have been there to watch the races. Congrats to Mario and Cody also for putting together a last minute winning combo. I watched the videos and everyone is getting faster and faster. Great job to all the participants.


Tue Oct 13, 2009 8:11 am
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mineurbiz wrote:
Big thanks to Tom, Melanie and their kids and all those that helped them, make it a fun day.

Big thanks to Kenz Cycle Tech for making my bike run very well!

Also like to Thank Daniel from OI

You know I got your back, big fella lol. Congrats.

loser make excuses, winners make it happen!

Wed Oct 14, 2009 11:02 am
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