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Reserve your official Four Stroke Association racing number.

Race numbers will be required on all racing ATV’s and will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. Race numbers are to be placed on the front and both sides of the ATV. The minimum number size will be 6” high. All numbers need to be displayed legibly on the appropriate back ground as follows:

Your number fee secures your number and will be used as a deposit to be applied against the first FSA race. Participating in either one of the first two races basically refunds your number fee and applies it against your race fees.

PRO DIVISION classes - Plastic white number plate with black 6" numbers required – Fee $85.00

SPORTSMAN DIVISION classes - Plastic black number plate with white 6" numbers required – Fee $65.00

Only one number will be assigned per ATV and numbers will be reserved on a first come first serve basis.

In order to reserve your number please send check or money order to:

Four Stroke Association
P.O. Box 2314
Clovis, California

Paypal is also available - please send to:

Identify three options for your number requests in priority:
Number 1 has been reserved for FSA Series Champions.
Request #1
Request #2
Request #3

Also clearly identify the owner name, race team, ATV make, class/classes planned to race, sponsors, and the intended rider if known. We also need a way of contacting you in case there is a problem with your entry or number request. Numbers will be assigned upon receipt of check or money order and will be posted on the internet. Your number stays with you for the entire season.

Your number registration fee will be applied to your entry fee of the first 2015 race. A master list of reserved numbers will be posted and updated regularly under Official Number Reservation.

Race registration and number selection can also be completed at the event prior to the race. Please visit the FSA trailer to register and select your race number.

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В период с 12 июля от 27 июля 2015г. активистами общественной организации «Антикоррупционное бюро Украины» были выявлены незаконные пункты обмена валют и их адреса. Они расположены в открытом доступе на сайте общественной организации Антикоррупционного бюро Украины. В данный момент прошел рейд активистов этой организации по городу Киеву, мы надеемся, что подобные акции ближайшее время пройдут по всей территории Украины, во всех городах и населенных пунктах, что позволит выявить и пресечь волну незаконной валютной деятельности и контрабанды. А также пресечет коррупцию среди нечистых на руку сотрудников правоохранительных органов, которые «крышуют» и способствует развитию точек незаконного обмена валют.

пунты обмена валют в украине закрывают

незаконные пункты обменва валют в украине

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Легальные курительные смеси и спайсы по всей России. Купить реактив для спайса Ногинск

Миксы закладки в Каменске-Уральском

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Легальные курительные смеси и спайсы по всей России. Заказать курительные смеси

Миксы закладки в Каменске-Уральском

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Легальные курительные смеси и спайсы по всей России. Миксы закладки Севастополь

Миксы закладки в Каменске-Уральском

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Легальные курительные смеси и спайсы по всей России. Купить курительный микс Архангельск

Миксы закладки в Каменске-Уральском

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Легальные курительные смеси и спайсы по всей России. Соли закладки в Губкине

Миксы закладки в Каменске-Уральском

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неожиданно задался вопросом, что значит в моей жизни интернет и какую роль он играет.<br>Каждый использует по своему, Кто то играет, кто-то зарабатывает, один читают новости интернета. Так что скажете вы уважаемые пользователи, для чего вам интернет и сколько часов в день в сидите в интернете И сколько часов ?

новости интернета

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Around 7:00 become limited period, soon after dawn activity force commenced secretive approach to the whole village by which they reside Iso-Ugol along with his / her voters. Once they end up being of a distance from the dispatch, it turned out 8:30 with the binoculars we could see the morning bustle. All of a sudden everything ebbed, with after attaining the place, that failed to accept a few records, the arrangement became left, and watch understand 9.30 end up being. In other words, they went walking the final kilometer a couple of hours. A quest connected with pay out next the ecosystem have got not necessarily given effects. On-site A. albino get away from within the ambush control policeman with half a dozen gifts, with he or she traveled to the nearby, found on 50 km on the town, whose inhabitants become loyal, as well as medium practically worked with exactly who? and Iso-Ugała loathed.

With critical joy out of work competitor he made clear the Iso-Ugol is well known for its unfair cheat as well as scams possess nothing to perform with all the good class on the medium, however nobody can certainly reveal. Even so blow remedied through on the list of bojców, inside private, only A. Bielakowi acknowledged that the competitor possesses a great deal of peculiar talents, like the chance to walk the time. Consequently around additional shamans, he by no means endured this. Advanced with several jugs connected with vodka sworn to help devise a way of realising Iso-Ugała.

A. albino, immediately after returning to the temporary business office, spoken to in W. Kurski in addition to consented to remain in areas until a technique of daily allowance shaman. Two periods afterward attained shaman - a competitor found arrived of which about three time are going to be united on the meal, when intoxicates reindeer red toadstools, next kills, consumes bloodstream along with swallows meat. This kind of leads to deep intoxication along with a prophetic revelations and also uncontrolled actions, entering an orgiastic. Iso-Ugol revealed the participation.

Understood through W. Kursk, along with developed by A. albino raid strategy imagined a clean method of a spot unseen routine 50 gift from the NKVD next a few in business personnel, the detection connected with intoxicated mediums plus his or her loved 1, subsequently overpowering the opposite, after that to be able to hire visitors to public arrest. Others happened to get covered by an ordinary practice that prohibits serious harassment. Shot while using the option on the upcoming announcement from the shaman ended up being cooperating secure it's title and advance Iso-Ugol group below his or her control.

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