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 Official Results: Glamis Race #4 March 12, 2011 
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"Rumble To The Summit" Official Results March 12, 2011


Limited SxS OEM NA Class
1st - Rachel Preskey - Jagged X/Mountain States Co. Razor XP 900
2nd - Dave Kuskie - Fullerton Sand Sports Razor XP 900

Limited SxS OEM Power Adder Class
1st - Mike Askins - K&T Razor Turbo
2nd - Chris Ward - Ricochet Racing

Unlimited SxS Class
1st - Gary Giffen - MCX USA
2nd - Mark Queen - Queen Racing


Under 650 "Sportsman" 0 - 505cc Class
1st - Tyler Olson - Outlaw Innovations
2nd - Garrick Lastra - Kenz Cycle Tech

Over 650cc "Sportsman" 650 - 730cc Class
1st - N/A

Under 650 "Sportsman" Duner Class
1st - Bruce Keeton - Grim Reaper/Street 2 Sand YFZ 450 #64
2nd - Al Mcfall - MMAD YFZ 450 #77

Over 650 "Sportsman" Duner Class
1st - N/A

Under 650 "Sportsman" Sumo Class
1st - Don Schneck - Lost Boyz Racing TRX 450 #188
2nd - Edgar Rivera - E.A. Racing Predator #636

Over 650 "Sportsman" Sumo Class
1st - Tony Quinn - Racers Edge 700 Raptor #71
2nd - Don Schneck - Lost Boyz Racing TRX 450 #188

Under 650 "Sportsman" Shooters Class
1st - Bruce Keeton - Grim Reeper/Street 2 Sand YFZ 450 #146
2nd - Sergio Martin - Demon Ind./Racers Edge TRX 450 #63

Over 650 "Sportsman" Shooters Class
1st - Todd Williams - Racers Edge 700 Raptor #99
2nd - Misty Hansen - Hansen Performance 700 Raptor #15

Under 650 "Sportsman" Pro Class
1st - Jay Cordova - Pure Evil/Demon Ind. TRX 450 #38
2nd - Moises Renteria - Lost Boyz Racing TRX 450 #21

Over 650 "Sportsman" Pro Class
1st - Mike Gardner - Hansen Performance 700 Raptor #11
2nd - Rob Gee - SPARKS 700 Raptor #105

Unlimited/Chassis Class
1st - Aaron Nassey - English Racing
2nd - Lucas English - English Racing


Under 650 "Pro" Builders Class
1st - Mark Sasselli - SPARKS TRX 450 #3
2nd - Daniel Turner - Outlaw Innovations TRX 450 #23

Over 650 "Pro" Builders Class
1st - Mark Sasselli - SPARKS 660 Raptor #1 PRO
2nd - Michael Sasselli - SPARKS 700 Raptor #1 BMPA

Under 650 "Pro" Stock Bore/Stroke Class
1st - Michael Sasselli - SPARKS TRX 450 #6
2nd - Josh Dyer - Racers Edge TRX 450 #1 SB

Over 650 "Pro" Stock Bore/Stroke Class
1st - Mark Sasselli - MMAD 700 Raptor #5
2nd - Josh Dyer - Racers Edge 700 Raptor #1 SB

Under 650 " Pro" Modified Class
1st - Mark Sasselli - SPARKS TRX 450 #3
2nd - Michael Sasselli - MMAD YFZ 450 #4

Over 650 "Pro" Modified Class
1st - Mark Sasselli - SPARKS 660 Raptor #1 PRO
2nd - Misty Hansen - Hansen Performance 700 Raptor #11

Under 650 "Pro" Open Class
1st - Aaron Dyer - Racers Edge TRX 450 #1 PA
2nd - Mark Sasselli - SPARKS TRX 450 #3

Over 650 "Pro" Open Class
1st - Mark Sasselli - Kenz Cycle Tech 700 Raptor #8
2nd - T.J. Lewton - English Racing 700 Raptor #85

Small Bore Gas Champion
Mark Sasselli, SPARKS TRX 450 #3

Big Bore Gas Champion
Mark Sasselli, SPARKS 660 Raptor #1 PRO

King Of The Hill
Mark Sasselli, Kenz Cycle Tech 700 Raptor #8

Congratulations to all the winners!!!!

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Sun Mar 13, 2011 9:06 pm

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congrat to all the winners.. great job on koth the mark sasselli

Mon Mar 14, 2011 9:47 am
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loser make excuses, winners make it happen!

Mon Mar 14, 2011 2:23 pm
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thanks guys i appreciate it. congrats to all the winners!

2010 Outlaw Sand Drag Record Holder-4.12s

Mon Mar 14, 2011 4:35 pm

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mark very impressive! congrats to you and all of the winners.

Tue Mar 15, 2011 7:17 am

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Wed Aug 19, 2015 2:16 am

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Wed Aug 19, 2015 5:37 am
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